Alive 2.001

Youth Ministry at Faith
We’ve started! Come join us on Wednesdays!
Who?       Middle & High Schoolers
What?      Youth Group!!
When?      Wednesdays 6:30-8:00 PM
Where?     Youth Center at Faith
How?        Only by the will of God
Why?        We love kids and Love Jesus
                Matthew 28:18-20
Middle School
Life is tough, especially in middle school. Middle schoolers look for ways to define themselves; how to be different, yet fit in with the rest of the kids. It is a delicate balance that with one slip-up could ruin the entire year. Body changes, friend changes…it seems like they are in a pressure cooker with the top ready to blow! 
We look to define ourselves in Christ; the way God sees us. Join us as we walk the middle school journey together, the way God wants us to do it.
High School
Ahhhhh High School. Dating, driving, independence, activities, and all the rest. Where is God in all of this? How do I have a relationship with Jesus in the midst of all the activity? How can I develop a Christian worldview in an increasingly hostile world?
These quesions and many more are addressed. We believe that each person is sent out into their family, friends, school, and every situation to spread the Gospel and teach others to obey Jesus’ commandments.
BTW, We also have a lot of fun!