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Sunday Morning Worship

We currently hold two Sunday morning services:  8:45 & 10:30 am.  The style of worship music is generally contemporary, with a good mix of music genres and song styles (choruses, hymns, etc.), all with Christ-centered, scripturally sound texts.  These services are generally well attended by all age groups and backgrounds.


We have a Sunday morning team that provides worship music for both of those services.  The team varies from week to week, and is generally comprised of 5 to 7 individuals.  The team generally consists of:  singers, instrumentalists, and technical team members.  Instruments typically used (but not limited to) are:  guitar, bass, synthesizer, piano, and drums. 

The door is always open for new team members!  If you think that you might be interested being a part of this ministry team, please contact us.

Youth Band

Our Youth Band is a vibrant group of young people, grades 6-12, who love to worship and make a joyful noise for the Lord.  We currently have a High School (HS) and Middle School (MS) team, both comprised of:  singers, instrumentalists, and techies.  Our techies help with sound and projection of song lyrics.  Instruments typically used are:  guitar, bass, keyboard(s), and drums.  Musical instrument instruction is provided to our beginner-level students, as needed and as available.


Team members are required to participate in our Wednesday night events:  Anchored for MS, and Genesis for HS.  Our Youth Bands provide worship music for these events, and other youth activities throughout the school year.  They also typically participate in one or more Youth Sundays annually, leading worship for our regular Sunday services in the Worship Center.